Day One: October 8th

09:00AM Chairs Welcome & Opening Remarks

garry rawlins, Former Communication and COLLABORATION, Selfridges & Co

09:20AM Keynote: Charge and Accelerate; Bringing the WorkPlace to Life

  • Driving Digital Workplace in Jaguar Land Rover to deliver cost reductions, and long term strategic operating efficiencies.
  • Understanding today’s employees needs and how to become a flexible and productive workforce.
  • How to address the challenges that come with employees doing more than just connecting to company networks.
Simon Nicoll, Global Head of Digital Workplace, Jaguar Land Rover

09:50AM Keynote: The Impact of Digital on Future of Work

  • What are the key trends impacting the Future of Work?
  • How is Digital accelerating this?
  • What can you do to engage and understand digital innovation at the workplace?

Devyani Vaishampayan, Managing Partner, The HR Tech Partnership

10:20am Panel Discussion: Employee Engagement & The Digital Workplace

  • What a formal engagement strategy can do for your organisation
  • Why the best-in-class organisations are measuring engagement at every phase of the employee journey
  • How to get employees more likely to commit to their jobs if they are challenged by their work, compared to having a competitive salary
  • Looking at the ROI of investing in employee engagement.

Moderator: garry rawlins, Former Communication and COLLABORATION, Selfridges & Co

Rosanna Pastén, Global digital transformation; Employee Experience, McDonald’s

Keith Williams, HR Services Director, Unilever

dr diane sinclair, Group Employee Relations Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Dan ThomsenSenior Vice President, LiveTiles



11:00 Networking Break
11:30am Break Out Into Vault Thinktanks

11:30am wORKSHOP: the connected digital workplace- a philosophical shift in the way we work

  • The importance of understanding the specific and personal needs of individual employees to make your digital workplace strategy a success.
  • What should organisations do to provide staff with a productive, connected digital workplace experience?
  • How to get your employees to champion the digital workplace

Senior Representative, Fujitsu
Senior Representative, VMWARE

11:30am Workshop: Building an Intranet with Intelligence

  • Give employees an intelligent intranet experience with targeted content, powerful search and bot capabilities.
  • The importance of a dedicated wellbeing portal for the most important asset in your company. Empower your people with self-improvement resource.
  • How to make you intranet intelligent, looking at insights, assistants and the intelligent directory

12:15pm Panel: The Future of Work: How RPA, AI and automation is transforming the workplace

  • Understanding what the technologies do separately and how they can bring maximum outcomes to the workforce.
    The future of work, and implications for businesses, workers and societies.
  • The role of digital workers in a new era of productivity and innovation.
  • How businesses and workers can be competitive in the new digital economy.

Graham Lee, Director iQBot Services at Automation Anywhere


12:15pm Workshop:How to build a highly engaged and productive workforce 

  • How to create a seamless digital experience for a multi generational workforce.
  • How to give your workforce the right tools to accomplish more.
  • Learn how Digital Workplace tools can impact IT, HR, Internal Communications and Finance Teams.
1:00pm Lunch & Networking
2:00PM Return to Keynote Mainstage

2:00PM Reinventing the future: a fresh perspective on the talent and engagement challenge

  • If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here…” – why many organisations gathering and analysing people data still struggle to attract, retain and engage the people they need for today and tomorrow
  • Why having smart, real-time data about the people and capability within your organisation and in your wider talent community is now a “must”, not a “nice-to-have”
  • How to understand each individual employee’s needs, motivations and potential, and roll that up to powerful corporate knowledge and insights to support your decision-making

Delia Zanetta, CO-CEO, Optunli

2:15pm Keynote Panel: Future workforce: Defining the digital enterprise leader

  • How will leaders adapt to the challenges of the new workforce, and how will they steer their businesses towards success?
  • How to better connect your organisation and distribute information and authority more widely than in the past
  • Understanding how leaders of the digital age will use AI alongside human cognition; employing the resulting insights to fuel innovation, differentiation and operational efficiency.

Moderator: garry rawlins, Former Communication and COLLABORATION, Selfridges & Co

Ian Golding, Chief Information Officer, Natural History Museum

Charles Ewan, CIO, Th Met Office 

3:00pm Keynote: Planning Your Digital Workplace

  • How to create a sustainable digital workplace strategy.
  • Ways to incorporate employee and stakeholder perspectives.
  • How to take a cross functional approach.

Sam Marshall, Director, ClearBox Consulting

3:30pm Keynote Presentation: Putting the Human at the heart of Digital Workplace

  • The importance of understanding the human element from employee emotion and sentiment in creating your digital workplace and drive more effective internal communication.
  • How to ensure the personal needs of employees and personalisation in building a digital workplace strategy.
  • The role of employee voice and how the digital workplace can be enabler for employee contribution, participation and feedback.

Addeel Khan, Head of Internal Engagement, British Red Cross & IoIC Board Director

4:00pm Networking Break

4:20pm Keynote presentation: A peek inside the vault – how the Bank of England drives digital change”

  • Why keeping things simple drives faster digital change.
  • How to have impact with a champion network.
  • Using analytics to deliver our green goals.
  • How we link colleagues to new opportunities

Ken Bourn, Head of Digital Workplace, Bank of England

Steve Sprange,  Digital Workplace Lead, Bank of England

4:50pm Panel Discussion: The Future of Intranets

  • Looking at what intranets should have and must do into today’s workforce
  • How to mitigate cognitive overload and focus on what’s important
  • How to align HR, IT and employees to create a self service system that works and is right for your organisation
  • The essential questions you need to ask in order to understand your end user.

Suzie Robinson, Consultant, Clearbox consulting

Allan Tanner, Digital Communications, Standard Life

5:30pm End of Conference